Red Deer County Rural Beautification Program Award


Our gorgeous daylilies won us the RED DEER COUNTY RURAL BEAUTIFICATION AWARD for 2016 in the ‘Working Farm’ category.  What fun!

The beautiful sign presented to us by the county is now displayed on an old ladder that Jeff painted up – Yes, we love color!!  Next summer we will put potted daylilies on the other rungs.  Customers who purchase off the ladder will receive a discount.

We enjoyed the best season we’ve had thus far since starting daylily production. It has been wonderful greeting all the visitors to our farm over the last 6 years. THANK YOU for your kindness and friendship. Please come and visit us again.


Gryphon Trials at Gablehouse Farm & Gardens




The legendary gryphon – a creature half lion and half eagle – has long been depicted as a symbol of power or a guardian of treasure.  As gryphons relate to Gil Stelter’s Canadian hybrid daylilies, I love the symbolism of treasure and the fact that Gil’s crosses are between the species Hemerocallis fulva and some of the modern Hemerocallis tetraploids, two very distinct ‘creatures’ that are combined to create a unique and special daylily ‘treasure’.

“The idea is to bring the hardiness and exceptional vigor of the fulva species into the rather tender modern tetraploids.  It takes some patience to get the fulva pod parent to accept the tet pollen, but when it works, the result is spectacular.  The Gryphon introductions are mostly tets and are very fertile with tets.  Our Gryphon introductions are very hardy in Southern Ontario and have been successfully tested as far south as North Carolina and Kentucky”, says Gil.

Jeff and I are very pleased for the opportunity to test Gil’s special line of ‘Gryphons’ in our Alberta climate.  We will be trialing GRYPHON CHINESE FIRE (the flagship Gryphon), GRYPHON BALTIC HERITAGE, GRYPHON WARSAW RISING, GRYPHON HANKOW LEGACY, GRYPHON STANLEY SAXTON, GRYPHON PRAGUE GOTHIC, GRYPHON CHELSEA LONDON, and GRYPHON CLASSIC ANCESTRY.  Each beautiful introduction has a story to tell, not only about itself, but also its’ hybridizer.

Thanks to Gil’s generosity, we are pleased to receive ELSIE STELTER into our gardens, an intense clear pink unusual form daylily that varies in shape from the usual crispate form to an elegant cascade form.  In 2011, ELSIE STELTER was the winner of the Elizabeth Nesmith Clump Award in Region 4 (Eastern Canada and parts of the Northeastern United States) of the American Hemerocallis Society.

Gil and his wife Sally are originally from the Edmonton area and ELSIE STELTER is named in memory of Gil’s mother who comes from a line of outstanding northern Alberta gardeners.

Some of the daylily characteristics we will be tracking are hardiness, frost tolerance, vigor, bud count, flower opening and foliage performance.  Gil’s lovely Gryphons will be situated in our ‘Test Bed’ where they will receive the same watch care as their fellow bed mates. 

We very much hope that these daylilies will do as well here as they do they do in the land of their nativity!


(Photo is of ‘Gryphon Classic Ancestry’)

New GFG Product


As husband & wife, parents, grandparents, and professionals, our work reflects lifestyle and beliefs.  A love of nature and a desire to serve our fellow man by making the world a better place are driving forces in our creativity.  Our vision to bring joy and comfort through beauty is personified in our brand commitment, ‘PROVEN TO PLEASE®’.

At Gablehouse Farm & Gardens we understand your passion, joy, and delight for all things daylily.  That is why we have taken the time to search out Shantel Cooke – an award winning Alberta soap maker from ‘Tanglewood Gardens & Farm’, near Caroline.

We are pleased to introduce ‘Daylily Dreams’® – an exclusive, sweet orange & mint organic soap – a true delight; worthy of its name! – A unique and practical addition to our ‘PROVEN TO PLEASE®’ brand commitment.

‘Daylily Dreams’® will retail at $7.50 per bar; as well as be part of the ‘FRESH EVERY MORNING®’ gift package (see ad on Home Page).

We hope our work is inspiring and will bring joy and comfort you can share with others. 

Yours in daylilies, Jeff & Carolyn.

New Gablehouse Farm Daylily Brand

Gablehouse Farm & Gardens began in 2004 when Jeff and Carolyn moved to the farm that has been in Carolyn’s family since 1946.

After extensive clean-up from over 30 years of renters, Carolyn started experimenting with different ‘crops’ that she and Jeff could produce and market. They tried various annuals, herbs, perennials, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Through a series of serendipitous events, daylilies became their specialty.
Today, Gablehouse Farm & Gardens is still run by Jeff and Carolyn – aided by occasional help from other family members.

We have grown from a 600 square foot garden plot, with less than 75 cultivars, to become a leading Daylily Specialty Nursery on the Canadian Prairie Provinces with over 450 varieties. Thousands of daylilies are shipped annually to commercial growers, municipalities, and residential gardeners across Canada. Each year new varieties are added to our on-line catalogue of over 400 cultivars, of Zone 2 hardy daylilies.

One major goal of Gablehouse Farm & Gardens has always been to help our customers be successful in growing what we still consider to be the ‘perfect perennial.’ To expand on this theme we have chosen a line of daylilies worthy to bear the brand, ‘GABLEHOUSE FARM DAYLILY’. We understand the importance of offering top-notch product value, reliable service, and authoritative information for our customers.



1) Superior ‘Proven to Please’© quality stock:  Gablehouse Farm daylilies offer the highest quality in registered hemerocallis roots. They are vegetatively propagated; hardy; and vigorous – with prolonged flowering times of up to six weeks – as well as exhibiting clean foliage for the entire growing season. Rich, vibrant colors play well with other perennials – as well as adding real WOW FACTOR when used ‘en masse’, or as specimen plantings.

2) Exclusive Selection:  The ‘Gablehouse Farm Daylily’ is selected from a collection of over 450 cultivars growing in our gardens. As cultivars prove to give high and consistent garden value, they are added to our permanent inventory. Because we do not hybridize at this time, daylilies that fail to thrive are composted and replaced with varieties that prove to be hardy. You will be pleased with your choices.

3) The Best New Cultivars from our Trial Gardens:  New Canadian and American cultivars are added yearly to the ‘Gablehouse Farm Daylily’ brand as they are tried, analyzed and proven to perform well. Ideally, division takes place in the spring and summer to provide large plants for the following years digging and shipping. All daylilies are field grown and sold as bare root stock. Only the ‘best of the best’ carry the ‘Gablehouse Farm Daylily’ brand.

4) Helpful, Customer-focused Information:  We are pleased to be at your service to help with everything from specific cultivar information, to ordering information on your purchases. Each ‘Gablehouse Farm Daylily’ will have brief Garden Notes included in our on-line catalogue as well as regular cultivar information. We invite you to call or email with your questions and concerns.
‘Gablehouse Farm Daylilies’ carry a GUARANTEE of being healthy and true to type when they leave our care. If a plant proves to be unsatisfactory, we request that you return it so that a replacement can be made. A nice “we are really sorry” bonus will be included for the inconvenience.

5) On Farm Events and Garden Support:  We understand that in today’s world, having a great product is only one piece in the puzzle toward successful gardening. We also offer hands-on events where our customers see and learn from first -hand experience the benefits of growing daylilies – as well as the relative ease with which these beautiful plants can be cultivated.

It’s Only A Daylily – Right?


That’s what I thought too – that is, until I started growing them for myself. My opinion was that they are either tall, in a non-descript shade of orange; or short and yellow. Some people have even given them derogatory names like ‘ditch lilies’, or even ‘outhouse lilies’! There are also all those horror stories about daylilies taking over the entire yard – who wants those? However, to be true to an ideal, my husband Jeff and I bought our first daylily collection consisting of about 65 or so cultivars.

We transplanted them from one Central Alberta garden to another – they survived the move well and quickly started rooting in. I was worried about how they would winter because we have some pretty cold temps – down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. But we didn’t lose a single one. I thought, If the 65 we have are this good, how many more are there that are equal, or even better? But they’re only daylilies – right?

I started reading everything I could get my hands on and found out a lot of things I had not previously imagined. To start, there have been over 70,000 cultivars of Daylilies officially registered since 1893. With that being so, I knew there was a lot more to daylilies than meets the eye. They certainly weren’t all orange or yellow – that’s for sure! And the modern hybrids behave themselves admirably, by staying where they are put rather than visiting the neighboring flower bed 20 feet to the north.

I was really impressed at the huge range of colors, shapes, and sizes – only to be further impressed at the quantity and quality of growing and hybridizing information shared by those who have a passion for beauty and diversity.
With all this info, How do we chose which ones are the best for northern prairie gardens?

In making a thorough daylily appraisal, there are up to 140 aspects that can be taken into consideration. However we narrowed it down to five main qualities: a fast plant; pretty flowers with a long bloom time; hardiness; clean foliage; and pest resistance.

These characteristics became the criteria for our daylily standards in registered cultivars.

1. FAST – Gardeners want impact and something that establishes quickly. We include varieties that double their fans each year with some that triple – the modern hybrids multiplying from the crown of the plant rather than the quack grass like roots of their predecessors.

2. PRETTY FLOWERS WITH A LONG BLOOM TIME – The average daylily blooms for three weeks in our Central Alberta garden with some having a bloom time up to five weeks. Advancements in breeding have produced gorgeous flower forms exhibiting strong, vibrant color; good branching; and high bud counts. We showcase and produce high performance stock.

3. HARDINESS – 98% of our stock is hardy on its own – all the way to minus 40 degrees Celsius -with a few cultivars needing a little help from a friend in the form of leaf mulch in the fall.

4. CLEAN FOLIAGE – Gardeners want foliage that looks good all season. We eliminate varieties with significant mid-summer foliar deterioration.

5. PEST RESISTANCE – No Daylily is 100% pest free. However, in our northern climate, we have significantly lower pest problems than our southern neighbors.

You might ask – how is it possible to collect reliable data from such a small number of plants? As it happened, in the summer of 2013, we purchased a large Alberta collection from northeast of Edmonton consisting of approx 235 new cultivars, thereby boosting our total number of plants to over 5000. We no longer had ONLY daylilies.

They range in height from 1′- 6′; with flowers in the range from 1″- 10″ in diameter. And in a rainbow of amazing colors.

Our objective is to grow crème-de-la-crème plants for a value price that would WOW gardeners, at about $11 to $15 retail. It’s not been easy – starting out with only a few fans of some of the most unique and distinctive cultivars. So we are increasing them on our own. We now feel that we have enough stock to sell a few of almost everything even though some cultivars are very limited.

To date, we’ve sold thousands of Daylilies from Gablehouse Farm and Gardens. There’s good reason: they’re proven! I can’t name a better system.

Gablehouse Farm and Gardens has name recognition and received national coverage in the October, 2014 edition of Garden’s West Magazine. The development of specific lines and collections are being set up to accommodate the growing demand for daylilies in a variety of garden settings and conditions.

Do your own comparison. You may come to the same conclusion I did: A daylily is not ONLY a Daylily – and hasn’t been for a long time!



Molly’s Mention

She Grows Up!

The little Labrador Retriever pup that we received on the farm in 2011 to help keep the moose and deer off of our flower production has now grown from a little rascal into a real working dog. 

Although she is still apt to let our other faithful farm dog ‘Nella’ take the first charge when chasing the forest critters out of our gardens, she is becoming more brave with passage of time.

We love having them both with us here on the farm.

 We chose ‘Molly’ from all of our farmer’s market customer name submissions. Again, we appreciate all those that submitted names.