Exclusions from ‘Buy 2 Get a Third One of The Same Cultivar Free’ offer.

Unfortunately, the following daylilies are in limited supply and have to be excluded from our ‘buy 2 get a 3rd one of the same cultivar free’ offer. We are currently working to bring these cultivars along, and hopefully will be able to offer more of them in the future:

Amethyst Art, Anzac, Apache Scout, Aspire, Blossom Queen,
Catherine Woodbury, Chipped Ice, Destined to See, Egyptian Ibis,
Elsie Stelter, Fellow, Feu Sacré, Flava, Flutterby, Galaxy Explosion,
Isosoles, Lady Lucille, Lavender Blue Baby, Mabel Nolan,
Marked by Lydia, Mauna Loa, Neon Rainbow, North Wind Moe,
Paradîle, Orchid Corsage, Pink Ambrosia, Point of View,
Rose Emily, Salmon Dream, Screamcicle, Sixth Sense, Thundercat,
Tigereye Spider, Tuxedo Whiskers, Twilight Rose, Victorian Lace,
Vulcan Mind Meld, Webster’s Pink Wonder, Whimsical,

With regard to all other daylilies on our website, if you are placing orders thru our website, and are wanting ‘a 3rd one of the same cultivar free’, place your order in multiples of 2, and the third one will automatically be added to your order when we dig it.

Thank you,

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