Gryphon Trials at Gablehouse Farm & Gardens




The legendary gryphon – a creature half lion and half eagle – has long been depicted as a symbol of power or a guardian of treasure.  As gryphons relate to Gil Stelter’s Canadian hybrid daylilies, I love the symbolism of treasure and the fact that Gil’s crosses are between the species Hemerocallis fulva and some of the modern Hemerocallis tetraploids, two very distinct ‘creatures’ that are combined to create a unique and special daylily ‘treasure’.

“The idea is to bring the hardiness and exceptional vigor of the fulva species into the rather tender modern tetraploids.  It takes some patience to get the fulva pod parent to accept the tet pollen, but when it works, the result is spectacular.  The Gryphon introductions are mostly tets and are very fertile with tets.  Our Gryphon introductions are very hardy in Southern Ontario and have been successfully tested as far south as North Carolina and Kentucky”, says Gil.

Jeff and I are very pleased for the opportunity to test Gil’s special line of ‘Gryphons’ in our Alberta climate.  We will be trialing GRYPHON CHINESE FIRE (the flagship Gryphon), GRYPHON BALTIC HERITAGE, GRYPHON WARSAW RISING, GRYPHON HANKOW LEGACY, GRYPHON STANLEY SAXTON, GRYPHON PRAGUE GOTHIC, GRYPHON CHELSEA LONDON, and GRYPHON CLASSIC ANCESTRY.  Each beautiful introduction has a story to tell, not only about itself, but also its’ hybridizer.

Thanks to Gil’s generosity, we are pleased to receive ELSIE STELTER into our gardens, an intense clear pink unusual form daylily that varies in shape from the usual crispate form to an elegant cascade form.  In 2011, ELSIE STELTER was the winner of the Elizabeth Nesmith Clump Award in Region 4 (Eastern Canada and parts of the Northeastern United States) of the American Hemerocallis Society.

Gil and his wife Sally are originally from the Edmonton area and ELSIE STELTER is named in memory of Gil’s mother who comes from a line of outstanding northern Alberta gardeners.

Some of the daylily characteristics we will be tracking are hardiness, frost tolerance, vigor, bud count, flower opening and foliage performance.  Gil’s lovely Gryphons will be situated in our ‘Test Bed’ where they will receive the same watch care as their fellow bed mates. 

We very much hope that these daylilies will do as well here as they do they do in the land of their nativity!


(Photo is of ‘Gryphon Classic Ancestry’)

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